Why you should visit Curaçao

Here’s why you should visit Curaçao

Let’s say that lately, the most underrated destinations turned out to be some of our favorite. Like for example, Curacao. We can’t believe that this colorful island has never been on our radar. We think you should avoid our mistake and immediately add this destination to your bucket list. And if you are wondering why, let’s dive straight in and tell you why you should visit Curacao.

This beautiful Caribbean island is part of the ABC Islands ( Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao ). Curacao is a Dutch island that’s being overshadowed by its more popular neighbor island Aruba. However, each year more and more people are coming to this paradise and have quicky prooved its name on the map. It is known for its breathtaking beaches, diverse history, rich culture, and world-class diving, Curacao is like no other Caribbean island. Another highlight of the island is that it’s located outside of the “hurricane belt” which makes it perfect to visit all year around. The colorful capital Willemstad is a UNESCO World Heritage Site full of charming pastel-colored colonial architecture, shopping, restaurants, and the floating Queen Emma bridge.

Most of the food in Curacao is imported from the neighboring islands and parts of South America. In downtown Willemstad, there’s the famous floating market with boats from Venezuela full of fresh fruits and veggies but unfortunately wasn’t open during our visit. There are a lot of restaurants that serve American, Dutch, Italian, Thai, Latin and even Indonesian cuisine. Although not many options for us to eat vegan we managed to find some delicious vegan burgers at Restaurant Gouverneur de Rouville and dinner at Batik Asli Indonesian restaurant. There are also great options for food at Bijblauw.

The best part about Curacao is that there’s so much to see and do. We were there only for 4 days, and it was not enough at all. We highly recommend going for at least a week so you can fully experience it all. We definitely missed not having the time to visit the small island Klein Curacao, which looks like a must and we didn’t explore the south side where they say it’s the best diving on the island.

Although having less time we did and saw the most we possibly could. We explored the historical center of Willemstad where we admired the colorful colonial architecture. We visited many unbelievably beautiful beaches that blew us away. We saw some of the most blue and clear water we’ve ever seen and can confidently say that Curacao has some world-class beaches.

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