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Trails just outside Coral Estate

The trails just outside Coral Estate have been marked for you to enjoy and take in as much of the area’s ecological diversity as possible – safely and responsibly. Please respect these trails, other users, and the flora and fauna one may encounter. Be mindful that these trails transect different paths designed for other purposes, and unless you are knowledgeable about them, please keep to the trails clearly marked with short, white posts with colored hashes.  

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November Mountainbike Month!

Are you a fanatic mountain biker, and do you dare to race in Curaçao? Then, enjoy to the fullest during the two most beautiful mountain bike races in Curaçao: The Kärcher Coral Estate Classic and the Kärcher Duo Xtreme Curaçao. Between these races, you will get a one-of-a-kind chance to train with two of the top Dutch cyclists – Niki Terpstra and Fabio Jakobsen. You will learn from their experiences and can ask them any questions.

This year, the races will be held on 12 and 19 November, and Coral Estate Luxury Resort, together with restaurants Karakter and Koraal, has put together special 10-night-stay packages for the sporty tourist.

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Hike and bike

Hike and bike

If you think of Curacao you do not think immediately of hiking and mountain biking. The island is of course more known for its beautiful white bounty beaches and amazing clear sea. However, if you are not a beach person, you can also experience Curacao in a very different way, the other side of Curacao. The volcanic island comes with many hills and is far from boring. Discover the beautiful rough north side of the island or the amazing Christoffel park.

Hiking and mountain biking on Curacao can best be done in the early morning or evening since the afternoon is very hot.  Around 6 AM the sun rises and around 7 PM the sun goes down. The temperatures vary from 27 to 34 degrees. As a result that Curacao is good for hiking and biking throughout the whole year. After the rain season, which varies a lot per year the island is a lot greener which makes it even more beautiful for hiking and biking.

We have described different areas for you.

Christoffel park

Christoffel park

The Christoffelpark is a big nature reserve on the west side of the island. The vegetation is very variable which makes it interesting to hike. There are 8 beautiful routes. The most impressive one is the climb of the Christoffelberg. Which is 377 meters high, which can not be underestimated. When you reach the top there is a breathtaking view which makes the hike worthwhile.



On Curacao, there are three big salt plains. These “Salinja’s” were used for the harvest of sea salt. There often are big plains where you can still see the dry salt, this looks similar to a snow plain. The dams that helped vaporize the water, which result into the salt to can still be seen. When hiking around the salt plains lots of animals can be seen. Big population of flamingo’s, lots of crabs and many water birds. Furthermore, you can see beautiful mangrove trees, which you can recognize on their above-ground roots. The salt plains can be found at Jan Thiel, St. Michiel, and St. Willibrordus. 

Zoutpannen Curacao

Northside of Curacao

Northside of Curacao

On the northside of Curacao, there are nearly any beaches. Since the wind is blowing for 95% in the northeast direction the northside is too rough to swim in, however, it is beautiful for nature lovers. On the north side, you can see how powerful the seawind is. There are different coves “Boka’s” created, because the wind blew away different pieces of the riff. Sometimes the water splashes up multiple meters, which is great to see. After many years the power of water created holes in the rocks. Some of these holes are called natural jacuzzi’s since the water in the wholes is heated. You can take a lovely bath in it, but it is not without risk.

Sint Joris

Sint Joris

There are beautiful hike and bike routes at St. Jorisbaai. St Jorisbaai has a kitesurfing beach and a motocross track. The best routes are next to the water. It is interesting to see that they have built a village from waste like pallets. You also see a lot of fishing boats on the water. The route can be followed by the white arrows on the rocks. After you walk a little further (with some rock climbing in between) you reach the end of the St. Jorisbaai. You can see how the sea hits the northside. This is very calming you only hear the wind blow.

Sint Jorisbaa Curacao


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